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Read about the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust and the Project shed.

A lot goes on in the club and in the shed, have a read through and learn all about our volunteers, the people our wheelchairs have helped, and the project shed that we run the trust out of. Get an insight into our world. 

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Our project shed: Future direction

I was happy to report that our wheelchair project at the shed essentially is in good order. The production of ...
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Meet Our Volunteers – Bill

  Bill, the shed mascot, builds moral, and helps you finish of your morning tea when you can't finish ...
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Meet our Volunteers – Ray Drowley

Picture in your mind a typical Australian farmer. What do you see? Probably same as me: at least ...
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Meet our Volunteers – Bryan Tuesley

‘A genie gives you a single wish. What is it?’ is one of my standard questions when I ...
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Meet our Volunteers – Ben Loots

At our shed, you’ll mostly find him up a ladder - he is the one who does anything ...
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Meet our Volunteers – Bryan Mitchell

    “When I watch sports, I always go with the underdog” Brian admitted when I asked him ...
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