Only through the ongoing work of many amazing volunteers, who donate their time every Saturday morning at the Rotary Shed in Arundel, are these wheelchairs able to have become a reality. Read on for a sneak peak into the creation of the gift of mobility.

Process of Building a Wheelchair

To construct the wheelchairs, the bikes go through multiple disassembly processes, the frames are cut and hand sanded before being painted, and reassembled into wheelchairs before once again being taken apart and packed into boxes, ready to be sent of to those in need of mobility.


Donated bikes are disassembled, and broken down into single parts.

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Using disassembled bike parts and hand built wooden frames the wheelchairs are put together.

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Wheelchairs are disassembled and then packed into boxes ready to be shipped off.

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Come see for yourself!

Come along to the project shed Wednesday and Saturday mornings and you can learn how a wheelchair is put together.